Residual Current Devices DSE201MC32AC30

Residual Current Devices DSE201MC32AC30

Price 4,765 THB

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Name : Residual Current Devices DSE201MC32AC30
Product ID : 2CSR275051R1324
Series : DSE201MC32AC30
Price : 4,765.00

Product specification

The electric shock protection device has a function to automatically cut off the circuit in the event of a power leak, the suction power reaches a magnitude of 0.03 amperes (30 milliamperes), which provides maximum safety for the user. Can be installed in the consumer unit and various control cabinets The rail system cantilever (Din body) can be divided into two types.
1. Electric Leakage Protection Device (RCCB) model FH200 and F200 is used for leakage protection. Electric shock according to IEC61008 / TIS 2425-2560
2. Device to prevent electric shock Overload current and short circuit current (RCBO) models DS201, DSE201, DSE201M and DS203NC are used for protection against leakage, electric shock, current overload and short circuit according to IEC61009 / TIS.
ㆍAvailable in 2 pole (1 phase power system) and 4 pole (3 phase power system) for RCCB devices.
ㆍ Available in 1 pole, 1 pole + Neutral (1P+N) and 3 poles.
+ Neutral (3P+N) for RCBO devices, short-circuit current is available for selection of 6kA and 10kA according to IEC61009 for 1-pole RCBOs and 6kA according to IEC61009 for 3P+N RCBOs.

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