Moulded Case Circuit Breakers A1C 125  TMF 80A  1P  F F

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers A1C 125  TMF 80A  1P  F F

Price 3,020 THB

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ชื่อ : Moulded Case Circuit Breakers A1C 125  TMF 80A  1P  F F
รหัสสินค้า : 1SDA066493R1
รุ่น : A1C 125  TMF 80A  1P  F F
ราคา : 3,020.00

Product specification

Molded-case circuit breaker, Formula model, made in Italy, consists of models A1, A2, A3. It can be installed on the cabinet or DIN Rail, which is very easy to use.
- All models are Fixed Version
- Available from 1-4 poles, support current 15-630A
- Constant current TMF type processor
- Has a maximum Icu value of 50KA at 415 VAC.
- Compact size, can be installed immediately
Suitable for industrial applications office building mall and housing

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